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Streamline your Warehouse operations

with a powerful, cloud-based system built with third party logistics in mind


Based on more than 30years experience in this area of business

Flexible Licencing

Designed to scale with your business.

Client Focused

Delight your client with dedicated contracts, automated billing and additional services.

Multipe Configurations

Supports single or multiple warehouses in different configurations to suit your needs.


A fast and efficient warehousing system that caters for third party logistics providers. The fast cloud-based setup time means that you can be up and runing within a few days. Streamline every aspect of your warehousig operations with an impressive list of features. Speak to us for more information ad a demo.

You do not need to bother with infrastructure, database, backup management.

Get started in minutes. Easy setup function to set specific system and warehouse parameters.

Comprehensive functionality to support Incoming goods, inventory holding and picklists, issues and delivery

Increase your revenue by creating unlimited ancillary services for client contracts

Simple barcoding process and mobile based barcode recognition for transaction handling. No specialised hardware needed.

Graphical representation of holding stock to picture your inventory holding and occupancy levels.

Quick view into your business statistics

Accepts digital notifications for both incoming and outgoing goods from clients

An application interface allows the WMS to communicate with third party applications

The billing engine calculates client services bills which are sent to clients via email and which can be interfaced via API to your accounting system.

Extract data from  the system as reports, PDFs and Excel exports

Internal powerful user audit engine showing who did what and when.

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