About Us

DataByte is an established software company in Malta that is geared to give you the competitive edge in today’s business world. We specialise in creating Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions which allow for better management of Human Resources, Fleet Tracking and Warehouse Logistics.

DataByte Ltd specialises in cloud-based HR and business software solutions. Our primary offerings include:

HR Management: A comprehensive system to manage employee data, customizable to specific business needs.
Payroll: Tailored for Malta, it encompasses Direct Credits, Automated Submissions, Pension Schemes, and integration with their Employee App.
Timekeeper: An advanced time-tracking system with biometric punch-clocks, smartphone clock-ins, and GPS services.
Leave System: A mobile-friendly platform allowing employees to book leaves and supervisors to approve them on-the-go.
Employee App: A versatile app for leave applications, payslip downloads, and remote clock-ins.
Warehouse Management: Designed for third-party logistics, it manages inventory for third-party clients.
Tracking: A cloud solution for monitoring vehicles and vessels.

DataByte offers integrated solutions, ensuring their apps work seamlessly together, balancing customisation with core functionalities.

When people ask about DataByte, we explain that because of our 35 plus years of experience in the software field, we understand that we can only offer you a sensible solution after we learn how your business works. For this reason we prefer to speak with you first before sending quotes or demos to you.

If you have a project in mind, we’d love to meet you and discuss. Contact us!

Our WorkForce products:

People HR Management

The versatile HR Management System

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Robust payroll for Malta with time-saving features.

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Next-level time and attendance with advanced features.

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Leave Management

Empower your employees to manage leave from their smartphone.

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Clocking Devices

Multi-biometric punch clocks with smart PUSh technology.

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Employee App

An effective employee portal to simplify your HR tasks.

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