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Consolidate your Time and Attendance

The leading solution for smart, sensible attendance management.

Full Visibility

All the information you need in one place.

Smart Reporting

Get notified when people are not where they are expected to be.

Simple Installation

Get started immediately with minimal installation and no setup.


Get attendance data from desktop pcs, smartphones, biometic devices and third party systems.


TimeKeeper is a powerful time and attendance solution that will take your attendance to a new level. We have combined the power of multi-biometric devices with our WorkForce API to give you total control over the system with minimal hassle. In addition the system also accepts punches from GPS enabled smartphones in order to extend your attendance system to your external workers.  The API also allows you to connect to other systems as needed.

Automated device data synchronisation, automated employee profile management and next-level PUSH technology.

Get notified when an employee who is not on leave and is scheduled to work has not punched in yet.

Forget about clunky sync software installed on your servers and the headache of maintaining network infrastructure. All our devices need is an internet connection.

Manage employees from one place, deciding when, where and how they can punch in.

Increase the reliability and resilience of the system by eliminating common failure points like sync software, servers, networks etc. If there is no internet connection, the device will update automatically once connection is restored.

Install your punch clocks anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Your employees can work on the go with the WorkForce mobile app – even offline!

Extend your coverage with a smartphone app that allows your employees to punch in from anywhere. Get live updates, GPS accuracy readins, and the ability to work offline and sync later.

Employees can see their approved punches from the app – no surprises at the end of the month.

Punch clocks come pre-configured. Just power-up, connect to the internet and you can start working. The optional wifi-enabled devices allow you to take your punch clock anywhere.

Apart from the full integration into Payroll, you can also receive punch data from third party systems through our API.

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