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An HR Management System that caters for the whole journey of your employees.

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A versatile HR system that gives you the power to automate your HR processes and lets you focus on what is important – your employees. The system covers the whole employee journey with your organisation: recruitment, onboarding, training, documents, performance management, polls, offboarding and more. The powerful workflow builder tool allows you to create processes exactly the way you need them.

A dashboard giving you an overview of your employees and showing main trends in your workforce.

Stay ahead with all your reminders, employment contract expiry, deadlines, birthdays and employment anniversaries in one place.

Publish vacancies and receive applications directly from the system. Assign supervisors to grade applicants and quickly build shortlists for interviews.

Automatically collect data from new hires and have them submit any required documentation directly to the HR system.

Set up training modules that may be required and keep track of which employees have completed their training. In addition, set up reminders to ensure that no deadlines are missed.

Add custom fields, drop-downs and lists to your employee records to ensure that the HR system captures ALL the data you need in one place.

Upload PDFs, images and other files directly to the HR system under the employee’s name. Find the file you need directly in the employee’s record.

Set up and run custom performance reviews for each type of employee. Assign managers to complete their part of the review and retain data for long-term KPIs.

Engage your employees with custom polls by email which they can fill in directly from their smartphone. See results live in the dashboard as they come in.

Digitise your HR processes and eliminate manual, paper-based processes. Create almost any kind of HR process imaginable.

Create offboarding checklists to ensure that all departments have followed up on the actions required during the offboarding process.

Ask your former employees about their experience with your company using a low-impact Questionnaire. Compare several results to analyse trends.

The system comes with an extensive number of reports covering many aspects of your HR. In addition you can also export data easily to a spreadsheet if you need to.

Connect WorkForce to almost any other system through a rubust API framework. Your data is secured because we do not use third-parties to process your data .

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