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Keep track of your assets

Built to track in real time both your land and marine assets


Built on a high-end tracking device to indicate view of the location position of your selected assets.

Hassle-free installation

Easily installed on bikes, cars, trucks, boats, heavy engineering assets by our trained technicians.

Powerful Mapping

Easy street name map views powered by Google for the Malta and Gozo land and near-shore territory

Reporting Engine

Location, stoppage, speeding reports are easily produced for selected vehicles or asset groups


Track the location and movements of your vehicles and vessels through a powerful GPS tracking system. Get notified when an asset leaves a designated boundary or exceeds a set speed limit within the system. Get detailed reports of where you assets where and what routes they have taken. Also see the current location of all your assets on a live map.

You do not need to bother with infrastructure, database, backup management.

No upper limit on number of assets to track

Facility to manage assets within user-defined Radial or Polygonal Geofences both on land and on sea.

Facility to view on satellite/map view of live recording and recorded traces up to 3 months in the past

Allows data export to spreadsheet and other formats.

Automated User alerts on speeding and distance limits

Facility to scan driver ID with i-Buttons for each trip.

Report of inactive assets within a user-defined period

Facility for user to define tracking update frequency

Shows where all your trackers are in one view

An option exists for person tracking using wearable trackers and the same software infrastructure

Reporting for travel, stoppage, distance, maintenace/VRT due, etc.

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