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Easy Leave Management

The smart solution to manageemployee leave with ease.

Eliminate Paper

Completely paperless solution from beginning to end. Employees and managers can do everything from their smartphone.


Full integration with Payroll and Timekeeper saves you time, providing you with all the information you need.

Simple Process

Employees can apply for leave from the app and their managers can approve on the fly.

Reduce Stress

Employees are notified immediately when their leave is approved – reducting the load on the HR team.


The WorkForce Leave system will transform your leave process to a completely paperless one. Employees can apply for leave from the Employee App from their smartphone and managers can approve leave in the same way. Employees can see who from their team is on leave. Managers can apply rules like stop leave and minimum staff levels across teams to ensure that the process is seamless to your operations. Detailed reporting and direct integration to WorkForce Payroll remove the stress related to end-of month processes.

View employee leave in a calendar or else in a powerful filter view to quickly find what you need.

Give different permissions to people in different roles like department heads and team leads.

Cretae an unlimited number of leave types apart from the statutory ones to meet the exact needs for your industry.

Set specific dates when certain departments cannot book leave. Allow administrators to over-ride this settings if needed.

Set how many employees from a specific team may be on leave at the same time to ensure service continuity.

Create several reports to analyse leave balances and trends.

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