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Simplify your Payroll

Simple and intuitive Payroll system that is fully integrated with leave and Attendance.

Save Time

Stop wasting time importing and exporting data from different systems

Advanced Features

Bulk import, bulk update, Pension Schemes and more.

Work Efficiently

Automated submissions, bank payments, email of payslips and more

Favoured by Providers

Special rates and features for Payroll Service Providers


A Payroll System for Malta with several features to speed up your payroll process time. Payroll automatically updates figues from the Leave system and also the approved hours from the TimeKeeper system. In addition you can preview the pay run before it is finalised and make individual or bulk edits as necessary.

Fully integrated with the HR, Leave Management and Attendance systems.

Extensive reporting covering most scenarios. Powerful data export tool to cover anything else.

Easily generate payslips and send them by email, save them to the employee portal or print them.

Simple generation of automated submissions for tax reporting and SEPA bank payments.

Easy management of salaries, bonuses and additions and deductions.

Facility to preview a pay-run before it is finalised, showing all relevant details.

Option of mid-monthly pay runs, apart from the standard weekly, fortnightly, 4-week or monthly runs.

Client management tools and bulk licencing tools for payroll service providers.

A dedicated tool to facilitate the process of submitting FS7 reports

Bulk adjustemnts for wages, bonuses and other data using a powerful import and update tool.

Process and submit FSS documentation easily.

All approved leave and remaining leave balances are automatically displayed in payslips.

All approved hours in the Timekeeper module are automatically passed on to Payroll.

Employees have the facility to log in to the system to see their payslips, FS3s and their data.

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