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WORKFORCE HR System scores high with Financial Services & Gaming Sectors

Following its launch on the local and international market, Databyte’s WORKFORCE HR System is delivering the efficiencies and effectiveness that such software product is built to deliver. The product in fact has been successfully deployed by a number of different sized companies in different sectors, particularly financial services and gaming.

WORKFORCE is a suite, which brings together a number of services, which are linked to the HR and Payroll functions of an organization. It is the result of extensive experience the company has acquired through working with a number of organisations in various sectors, the constant updating of our company’s resources and tailored on the evolving needs of our customers.

Mr Frederick Micallef, Databyte’s CEO, said that WORKFORCE is the result of the investment from our side which reflects our constant need for change and reinvention which is driven by the relentless changes in technology coupled by the constant needs from our clients. Client preferences are becoming more challenging and aim at better efficiency and effectiveness. Reinventing our deliverables also means that we need to ensure our development and support team’s internal competencies are tuned to the newer development and support methodologies.

One of these companies is gaming company Knipster. Sergio Alvarez, COO of Knipster, said that the DataByte Workforce Suite is a well thought-through and implemented solution. “The Payroll and Leave Management modules have been deployed in our organization and have already delivered good results.” He added that apart from the results of the product’s deployment, the company was also very satisfied with the way Databyte has implemented its product to Knipster.

Mr Micallef said that “With 30 years’ experience in providing software solutions to the public and the private sector, we are well placed to understand organizational dynamics. We are very much aware of the relevance to business of the HR management component and with this in mind we have created and put on the forefront a suite of software systems with HR management as our prime objective. Built on our wide scope Fusion platform we will avail our clients with a robust cloud infrastructure that is based on the Azure framework thus offering reliability, data confidentiality and system security.”

The WORKFORCE HR System products include Leave management, Time and attendance, Payroll, Rostering and scheduling, Timesheets, Visitors’ management, HR management and Performance Appraisal.

8th August 2017

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