Why should your HR system contain an Employee Self-Service Portal?

The true value of an Employee Self-Service Portal

With the multitude of HR Systems that are available on the market currently, choosing a system that is right for your company can be a handful.

The reason for this is that testing for all the different features that these systems offer, as well as testing for the different business rules that HR teams need to cater for, can be very intensive.

Remote Worker

One common aspect that can be overlooked during testing is ‘How can an HR system be of service to the entire organisation?’ and surely, this should be one of the main things to consider when looking at HR systems as companies want to see immediate increases in productivity and efficiency.

With the addition of an Employee Self-Service portal, HR personnel have the additional benefit where they will save time, money and frustration daily, when not faced with having to:

DataByte’s cloud-based HR Management Suite, called DataByte WorkForce includes an Employee Self-Service Portal, and does not only cater for the benefits mentioned above, but also:

  • Provides information about upcoming visits for officers within the company from people outside of the organisation from the Visitors Management System
  • Provides information about the current task assigned to the employee from the Task Tracking System.

These benefits have already increased the productivity and efficiency of hundreds of companies in Malta and Gozo. If you want your company to benefit from these features, get in touch with us today, or see the Demo Videos of DataByte WorkForce.

Interested in learning more about a cloud-based HR suite with an Employee Portal?

Click below to access the Demo Presentation of the Payroll software for Malta, Leave Management, Time & Attendance with contactless biometric punch clocks and Visitors Management systems with a Portal for Employees, HR Analytics and more!

Note: Organisations using the Payroll, Leave Management, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management and Task Tracking modules combined, would be able to make use of all of the above features listed above relating to the employee portal.