Top 15 reasons for face recognition

1. Face recognition is cheaper

The truth is that a device with this technology costs about half the price of a palm reader. It’s a bit hard to argue with that.

2. You get the latest technology

Face recognition devices are the latest technology, and they come with the modern features. Expect features like ethernet and wifi networking, touch-screens and even a built-in web-server in some models.

3. Face recognition can be used in any work environment

The advantage of this technology is that it makes no difference if your hands are dirty, oily, have dry skin or are soft or hard. These systems only need a picture of your face.

4. No limitations with jewelry or spectacles

Since you are using the latest technology, you will not need to take off jewelry or spectacles to punch-in. The device is smart enough to recognise you, whatever you are wearing.

5. Face recognition is Contactless

The device will recognise you just by looking at it. You don’t have to put your hand on anything which others have touched… This is definitely a more hygienic solution.

6. Does not store personal data

Devices with this technology create a 3D model of your face by mapping out distinct points. The system then stores a numerical code to represent this model. Your personal data is never stored and the numerical code cannot be used for anything other to check if it is you in front of the camera. This leads to a much higher acceptance of these systems by employees.

7. Supports USB transfer of data in locations where there is no network

No network? No Problem! Just download the data to a pen drive and you’re done. No more hassle about those remote locations.

8. Can connect to a power battery

No power? No Problem! (At least for a while). These devices come with an optional backup battery that can power up the device for anything between 4 to 8 hours. When not in use, the device will power down to standby mode to conserve energy.

9. Face recognition is very accurate

Since this system uses a very high number of identification points, it is very accurate and it will not allow “buddy punching”. Face recognition disrupts this form of cheating with is common when you have a less accurate systems like palm readers.

10. Can use multiple identification methods

Using the latest technology means that you can combine different identification methods to suit your needs. You can use a combination of this technology, pin number, RFID card and fingerprint recognition to identify and verify your employees.

11. Easy installation

Anyone can install a face recognition device. Mount the bracket onto the wall, plug in the power supply, plug in network… and you’re done!

12. Fast enrollment of employees

One of the biggest complaints about time and attendance devices is that you need to enroll each employee onto each and every terminal. Using the latest face recognition devices, this is now really simple and quick. Enroll a person once on one device – then use the software to copy the new profile onto all the devices over the network.

13. Smaller devices

Everything in the technology market is shrinking… so why go for a massive hand-punch device? Face recognition devices are small, smart and unobtrusive.

14. No special cleaning or maintenance required

These things just work. So long as they have power and network, they don’t need any special care or maintenance.

15. Face recognition is the international standard

This technology is fast becoming the international standard in the time and attendance market.

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