DataByte launches PUSH technology for TimeKeeper

DataByte WorkForce TimeKeeper PUSH Technology

We are very pleased to announce the second generation of PUSh Technology for TimeKeeper Time and Attendance system.

PUSH technology allows you to have multiple punch-clocks in any site in the world – with the only requirement being an internet connection. With this technology, the devices push all clock-ins and transactions to the TimeKeeper system in the cloud. No need for a public IP address, no need for specific settings in your router and no need for special software on a PC or server to download data. Just provide an internet connection and you’re done.

The smart part of the system is that we not only securely transmit clock-ins to the cloud, but we also transfer an encrypted version of the user templates, which are also stored on the cloud. This means that once you enroll a user on the master device at your office, all the other devices will receive the new template. No need to run around with pen-drives or awkward software transfers.

The second generation of this technology now includes an intuitive template management feature. With this new feature, you can decide which templates are available on which device. In addition, the feature allows you to delete the template of an employee from all devices once they leave the company.

TimeKeeper system now includes a host of new features that make your life simple:

  • time synchronisation – the system syncs the time on all your devices. No more hassle with data with a wrong date
  • daylight-savings synchronisation – the ysstem will automatically reboot devices whenever there is a change in daylight savings time
  • keep-alive function – the system now alerts you when data from a particular device has not been received for a while. This will give you time to sort out an potential issue before it becomes a critical issue
  • real-time data – devices transmit clock-ins within seconds. you will see all your data coming in as it happens. No more hassles with lost punch-ins due to equipment failure or network issues
  • simplified replacements – since all the information is stored on our secure cloud platform, if a device breaks down, nothing critical is lost. Just plug in a new device and it will sync everything within a few minutes.
  • minimal IT involvement – we understand that the simpler the setup is, the less costs for mainteannce, so we eliminated all manual maintenance for punch-clocks. Just plug it in to power and internet and you’re done

In order to achieve this, we have partnered with a leading equipment manufacturer which produces equipment to EU standards. We have standardised our punch-clocks to a few high quality devices which include a high-resolution fingerprint reader, a reliable face-recognition system and an rfid card reader all in one compact unit.

If you would like to learn more about the system or if you would like to upgrade your attendance system, please feel free to contact us.