WorkForce Timekeeper – Time & Attendance System Screenshots


This dashboard provides a weekly graph and detailed attendance data to all users. Administrators of the system can also see the connection status of all devices and clockings from Badge IDs which have not been added to the system.

Timekeeper Dashboard

Clocking and Overtime Types

This system allows for Clocking Types to be set, these can be selected by an employee when they are punching in from a punch clock. Clocking Types provide detail to Timekeeper administrators about the clockings made. From this screen, administrators can also configure Overtime Types which will be used by WorkForce Payroll when calculating overtime.

Timekeeper Clocking Types

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In Timekeeper, locations can be set with a radius to represent a space, they are reffered to as projects. Projects allow for Remote Clockings within these specific locations to be registered and reported.

Timekeeper Projects

Device Management

Timekeeper allows for multiple devices to be setup within the system. Administrators have the ability set one of the punch clocks as a ‘Master’ and the others as a ‘Slave’. Setting up punch clocks this way will allow for all Face Recognition and Finger print calculations for all employees to be copied from the ‘Master’ punch clock to all of the ones set as a ‘Slave’, saving the administration team time when enrolling employees for their organisation.

Timekeeper Device Management

Remote Clockings

As organsiations may require employees to create clockings outside of the office, Timekeeper offers a feature which allows employees to clock-in remotely. When an employee generates a Remote Clocking from their mobile phone, the GPS coordinates of that clocking are recorded and will appear in Timekeeper. If the GPS coordinates of a clocking are within a set Timekeeper Project, they will appear within the Projects Report.

Remote Clocking

Uploading Clockings from Remote Punch Clocks

As some organisations might not be able to provide some punch clocks with an internet connection, Timekeeper allows administrators to download attendance data from punch clocks with a USB stick, and they can then be uploaded into Timekeeper.

Timekeeper Upload clockings

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Inserting Manual Clockings & Clocking List

Timekeeper allows adminstrators to add or disable clockings, this can be done from the Clocking List. This page also displays every individual clocking for all employees within a set time period, however, these can be filtered as needed in order for an administrator to zone in on the clockings for an employee for a specific day, should they wish to do so.

Timekeeper Clocking list

Approvals by Employee and by Date

Employees’ working hours and overtime can be approved in Timekeeper. This allows for approved hours and overtime to appear in reports and to be sent to the WorkForce Payroll module, once a time period has been locked.

Timekeeper - Approval by Employee

Timekeeper Approvals by Date

Lock Periods

Locking a time period sends overtime and working hours to the payroll module. This signifies that no further approvals or amendments are required for the specific time period locked.

Timekeeper Lock Periods

Timekeeper Insights

Analytics with relevant data is available for management within WorkForce Timekeeper.

Timekeeper Insights

Timekeeper Reports

Timekeeper offers a number of reports which are relevant to an administration team managing their employees’ Time & Attendance.

Timekeeper Reporting