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HR Management tools in a fast, easy-to-use, reliable, dynamic and cost-effective package

What is DataByte WorkForce?

DataByte WorkForce is a suite of modular HR Management System which comprises of fully integrated Payroll for Malta, Leave Management, Time and Attendance, Employee Database/HR Information System, Visitor Management and Task Tracking software that work together through our secure, scalable, cloud-based software environment.


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Employee Database

A complete HR Information system that combines an Employee Database with a document repository, an HR calendar with notifications and more!

Payroll Software for Malta

Payroll System

A secure, fully featured payroll software package that enables your HR team to easily schedule payroll according to Malta’s laws.

Timekeeping System

An attendance system that enables your staff to register their working hours. Your HR team can now easily monitor employee attendance.

Leave Management

A leave management system that enables your HR team manage absenteeism, and to easily approve leave requested by your employees.


Visitor Management

A scalable and secure visitor management software package that enables your staff to register and manage visitors from your front desk.

Task Tracker icon

Task Tracker

An easy-to-use, effective, cloud based task tracking system which works alongside our time & attendance system with bio-metric devices.

Features & Benefits of this HR Management System

This fast & reliable solution for Human Resources and Administration teams is built from the ground up on our cutting-edge Application Framework that is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

checked No installation, hassle-free web-application

Since WorkForce is a cloud-based application, it can be used by anyone who has access to the system, from any device with an internet connection, at any time of day. Logging in is simple, it can be done with a user name, a password and an additional, optional security feature known as 2-Factor Authentication.

checked Easy to use, intuitive user interface

DataByte WorkForce comes with a dynamic user-interface that allows for the software to be operated from any internet-enabled devices such as desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets.

checked Mobile App for Android

Users with Android devices, have the ability to download the WorkForce Mobile App from the Google play store and access all of the features available in the Employee Portal, make Leave Requests and Punch in or out. Note: Features of the app are depent on the WorkForce Software moduled licenced to an organisation.

checked Fully audited user interactions

This system logs all user interactions with the software and it’s modules to be able to provide a timeline of all actions taken in the system by it’s users. This feature is indispensable when it comes to auditing any operational-related items with the software and allows for full accountability.

checked Fast, secure and scalable

This system is widely used by small, medium and large organisations. Where most systems use a single server to host their software and process data, WorkForce uses multiple servers simultaneously to provide the application to the user and process data in order for the software to work efficiently.

checked Employee Portal

This system includes an Employee Portal which allows for Employees to have a single location where they can access their data and the software modules licenced to their organisation. The purpose of this portal is to free up the HR and Administration teams by automating repetitive tasks which otherwise can take up a lot of time. These tasks include retrieving old payslips & FS3s, and providing clocking & leave-related information.

checked Extensive reporting and analytics

WorkForce comes with a smart and robust reporting system that allows for users with privileged access to generate reports from all of the software modules that they have access to. This system allows for large reports to be generated in the background, whilst a user works on other tasks in WorkForce. Whilst setting the filtering options for reports, a user can include a number of settings for the system to provide notifications or even send emails to the user to alert them that the report has been created and is available for viewing or download.


  • Software licences can be purchased online, through our system on a monthly or yearly basis to cover fluctuations in the number of employees within an organsation
  • This system’s prices are probably the most cost-effective on the HR software market in Malta and Gozo

Learn more about our licencing and pricing by requesting a WorkForce quotation.


We created a searchable knowledge base section to help WorkForce users find all of the information that they need with very little effort.

The WorkForce Help Centre is updated regularly with frequently asked questions, and covers all of the information required to help users get started with WorkForce, and operate the software.

Learn about how WorkForce users provide themselves with the answers they need here.



Cloud Based Solution

The system is fully cloud based. No hassles with installations, shared folders and backups. Just open your browser and log in – from any device.


Secure and Scalable

Built with our latest generation application framework and hosted on Microsoft Azure. Experience the benefits of a secure, scalable and rock-solid user-experience.


Fully Integrated

Leave and Visitor Management, Time & Attendance and Payroll are integrated into Fusion. No more importing/exporting of data from different systems.