Fleet tracking for vehicles and vessels, in a reliable and cost effective cloud based solution

Effective fleet tracking and management can be a daunting task, especially for operations dealing with a number of employees or assets that are constantly moving from one location to another.

Fleet tracking management with GPS technology can effectively track vehicles, vessels, employees, and other mobile assets. This way, your valuable assets can be managed and monitored for their whereabouts, cutting down on wasted time, unnecessary fuel and wear and tear costs.

With DataByte’s Cybtec GPS Fleet Tracking System you can evaluate performance, cut down on unwanted costs and enhance your organisation’s value by improving the level of service provided to your clients. This promotes higher profits and eventual customer satisfaction, meaning that the solution will eventually pay for itself.

The Fleet Tracking System Reports are easy-to-read and let you identify operational trouble spots and improve you fleet’s overall performance.

Fleet tracking with extensive reporting

Fleet tracking with extensive reporting

We believe that data and reporting are the two most essential tools to help you make good decisions for your business. DataByte Cybtec comes with a number of essential reports including: Travel Reports, Movement and Stoppage Reports, Speeding Reports and more. Reports within DataByte Cybtec can be configured and exported to show you the data that you need to see.

Secure system and vehicle location

A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that this fleet tracking solution and its data are fully secure. Aside from ensuring that your fleet’s GPS location data can only be seen by you, DataByte Cybtec also allows for an on-premise installations. The cloud based version of DataByte Cybtec is just as secure, with the additional advantage that the system can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, with an internet connection.

Secure system and vehicle location

Deployed on any type of vehicle or vessel, worldwide

Deployed on any type of vehicle or vessel, worldwide

DataByte Cybtec trackers can be installed on many different types of vehicles and vessels including rental cars, delivery vehicles, taxis, buses, coaches, yachts, fishing boats, ships and also personal vehicles.


Cloud Based Solution

The system is fully cloud based. No hassles with installations, shared folders and backups. Just open your browser and log in – from any device.


Accurate Mapping

Using the world-leading Google Maps technology and coupled with our in-house street map database, Cybtec offers an accurate and simple mapping technology.


Industry-leading Solution

We use industry-leading hardware trackers and communications to offer a reliable solution which can track cars, trucks, fishing boats and more.

Additional Features

Cybtec offers a highly cost effective solution which helps any business to control and contain running costs of its vehicle fleet.

The solution is also deployed vessels of all sizes for security and monitoring purposes.

checked Fleet route plan and comparative reports

checked Cost Effective management

checked Secure Vehicle Location

checked Fuel Consumption report on hourly basis for vehicles when additional fuel sensors installed

checked Real-time location tracking