A contactless biometric punch clock that is used with a scalable and secure Time & Attendance system

DataByte’s offering into this space consists of a contactless biometric punch clock that supports Face recognition, Finger print and RFID cards. Together with WorkForce Timekeeper, this forms part of a modular, integrated and cloud-based HR suite called DataByte WorkForce.

With DataByte’s Time and Attendance system, an administrator can extract a series of reports in order to ensure that employees are working as many hours as are required. By using additional modules from WorkForce, administration teams can benefit from integration features available with the Payroll and Leave Management modules.

Punch clock with face recognition

GDPR-Ready, Contactless Biometric Punch Clocks

With Face Recognition technology, employees can punch-in or out without having to touch the punch clock. Also, employees’ biometric data is encrypted on all punch clocks and is stored in a secure format. This means that even in the event that a punch clock is stolen, employees’ biometric data stored on the punch clock cannot be duplicated or used in any way.

With Smart Features, Built-In

These contactless biometric punch clocks make time fraud a thing of the past. With our Push Technology, these punch clocks also allow you to transfer employee’s biometric data to any of the same make and model punch clocks in you setup. Simply enroll your employees on on punch clock, without the need of doing so, on multiple punch clocks.

Time attendance clocking with Face Recognition
Manager of staff using time attendance software

Detailed Reporting available with WorkForce Timekeeper

WorkForce Timekeeper offers a selection of reports that allow for a bird’s eye view of your employees’ clockings. Reports include: punch card details and summary, short hours, timings, approved overtime, clockings from remote locations and more.

Benefit from the integration features within the DataByte WorkForce software modules

WorkForce Payroll Logo

Integration with WorkForce Payroll

After approving attendance in Timekeeper, hours are transferred directly to the payroll module, making the payroll process much easier on the administrator as it reduces the time and effort required to finalise the payroll process.

WorkForce Leave Logo

Integration with WorkForce Leave

The Leave Management module provides WorkForce Timekeeper with any approved leave taken. This simplifies the approval process as all leave information will be included on the approval pages and reporting of Timekeeper.

DataByte Task Tracker logo

Integration with WorkForce Task Tracker

The Time and Attendance module provides WorkForce Task Tracker with clockings that can be linked to tasks. This allows for management teams to have a clear indication of hours taken per task and per project, which can allow for more accurate job costings.

What are the benefits of the WorkForce Infrastructure?


Cloud Based Solution

The system is fully cloud based. No hassles with installations and backups. Just open your browser and log in from any device with an internet connection.


Secure and Scalable system

Built with our latest generation application framework and hosted on Microsoft Azure. Experience the benefits of a secure, rock-solid user-experience that is scalable.


Fully Integrated

No more importing and exporting of data from different systems. This module fully integrates with our Workforce products to further simplify the payroll process.

DataByte WorkForce logo

This system forms part of the DataByte WorkForce HR Suite

Learn about the feature-rich software modules that are available with DataByte WorkForce. Download the product brochure below to learn more!

Note: Biometric punch clocks are only available with software licences of WorkForce Timekeeper.