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A mobile app for Android which promotes productivity and allows for system users to interact with WorkForce effortlessly

DataByte WorkForce comes with FREE access to an Android Mobile App which allows employees to access all of the great features that they have in the WorkForce HR software suite.

The purpose of this mobile app for Android is to continue freeing up the HR and Administation teams from doing repetitive tasks by allowing employees to have everything they need in the palm of their hand.

Access to the app is FREE, and is available to all employees of organisations who have a user account of DataByte WorkForce.

Would you also like to provide your employees access to the WorkForce using other available options? Find out more about the WorkForce Employee Portal

Want to download the Mobile App for Android?

Google Play IconThe app is currently on Google Play and can be downloaded from here.

What is WorkForce?

WorkForce is a cloud-based HR Software Suite that brings all of our Payroll, Leave Management, Time & Attendance, Visitors Management, Task Tracking and HR Management software modules together. It holds all employee data, organisation settings, allows for reporting, management of software licenses and more!

Want to learn more about this HR Management Suite?

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WorkForce Payroll Mobile App Features

The WorkForce Mobile App for Android allows for employees to be able to see the Payslips and FS3 documents generated and stored in the Employee Portal by the Payroll Officer, Admin or HR representative.

As employees can easily lose printed documents, there will no longer be the need for them to ask the HR team to provide them with the documents when they are needed, as the employee can access WorkForce at any time of day, on any internet enabled device, to download and print the relevant Payroll documents that they may need.

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WorkForce Leave Mobile App Features

The Leave Management module provides employees with significant functionality in the Mobile App for Android as it allows them to request leave and see future Leave requests created by themselves or the colleges within their team. Additionally, the Mobile App also allows supervisors to approve Leave requests quickly and efficiently.

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WorkForce TimeKeeper Mobile App Features

The Time & Attendance module provides employees with a list of the clockings that they generated throughout that specific day and allows for employees to quickly punch in or out, regardless whether they are connected to the internet or not.

Once employees are re-connected to the internet, clockings will be sent from the app to WorkForce, and will appear in the clocking list and approvals screens for the administration team to use as needed.

What are the benefits of DataByte WorkForce Infrastructure?


Cloud Based Solution

The system is fully cloud based. No hassles with installations and backups. Just open your browser and log in from any device with an internet connection.


Secure and Scalable system

Built with our latest generation application framework and hosted on Microsoft Azure. Experience the benefits of a secure, rock-solid user-experience that is scalable.


Fully Integrated

No more importing and exporting of data from different systems. This module fully integrates with our Workforce products to further simplify the payroll process.