WorkForce Payroll – Payroll System Screenshots

Initialising Payroll Year

Before processing Payroll for the first time each year, it is required for a payroll administrator to instruct WorkForce Payroll on how frequently payroll will be processed.

Initialising Payroll Year

Field Configuration Setup

It is recommended that a payroll administrator checks the field configuration setup before processing payroll for the first time to ensure that every field that is needed is added into the system.

Field Configuration Setup

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Payslip Settings

To ensure that all of the details required are printed on payslips, it is recommended that a payroll administrator checks the payslips settings section.

Payslip Settings

Custom Government Bonus and Allowance Tool

In the event that organisations would want to pay the government bonuses and allowances before the end of the month, this system allows for dates to be set accordingly. This feature can be used on all payroll frequencies, except for Monthly pay runs, and it is recommended that this is configured at the beginning of the year.

Custom Government Bonus and Allowances Tool

Processing Payroll

Payroll can be processed with a few clicks of a button. The first screenshot shows the pay run details, the second shows the employees that will be processed in this run. After clicking ‘Process All’ the software will display which employees it is processing, and finally you will arrive at the part of the process where adjustments can be made.

Processing Payroll-1

Processing Payroll-2

Processing Payroll-3

Processing Payroll-4

Uploading Payroll Adjustments

In order to speed up the payroll process, WorkForce Payroll allows administrators to upload a Microsoft Excel file with adjustments for all employees.

Uploading Adjustments XL

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Undo Payrun

In the event that a pay run is finalised and an administrator would need to make updates, pay runs can be undone.

Undo Payrun

Generating a SEPA file

With the WorkForce Payroll SEPA functionality, administrators can generate SEPA files to send to the orgnisation’s bank with instructions on what to pay employees, directly into their bank accounts.

Generating SEPA file

Payroll Reporting

A number of reports can be extracted from WorkForce Payroll, these can be used for auditing, payslips and much more.

Payroll Reporting System

Payroll Insights

Analytics with relevant data is available for management within WorkForce Payroll.

Payroll Insights

Bulk Wage Adjustment Tool

A bulk wage adjustment tool is available in WorkForce Payroll, this allows payroll administrators to provide the necessary COLA adjustments as required by law.

Bulk Wage Adjustment Tool

Pay run History

WorkForce Payroll contains an additional tool which allows for administrators to be able to look at information from previous pay runs.

Pay run History

FS3 e-Lodgement

At the end of the payroll year, administrators can extract a file to upload directly to the IRD website to file all employee FS3s.

FS3 eLodgement