Is the alarm in your lift checked every 3 days as required by law ?

“The alarm system must be able to simulate an automatic alarm test at least once every three days to ensure the availability/reliability of the system. Moreover, the lift alarm system shall be connected with a one-hour battery backup in order to operate in case of power failure. Any alarm shall not be impeded or lost even in cases of electrical power supply switching off or power supply failure.”

Source: MCCAA Website 

DataByte Lift Alarm Reporting System

How does the system work ?

Lifts that are registered with the system are programmed to call a set of specific telephone numbers on an agreed schedule. The system then keeps track of which lifts have called to verify that their telephone lines are working. The system then also handles calls from lifts reporting that their backup battery is malfunctioning.

Once it is set up, you are notified by email when a specific lift has not ‘called home’ or if a bad battery has been reported. As a result, you can keep track of the status of the lift without repetitive checking of the system. You can also log in to their online dashboard to see a full status of all the lifts registered to their account, download reports, and manage your account. The  system if completely web-based and you only need a browser and an internet connection to operate.

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Advantages of our Lift Alarm Monitoring System

  • No expensive servers, telephone systems or telephone lines for you to buy or maintain
  • We offer you a comprehensive service.
  • Powerful and easy to use reporting System
  • Completely cloud-based interface that you can access from anywhere
  • Quick setup so you can get going quickly
  • Fully Audited system for your peace of mind
  •  You can buy licences online at any time
  • Flexible per-unit pricing model that grows with your business
  • Backed by a dedicated team of professionals

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