WorkForce Leave – Leave Management System Screenshots

Leave Dashboard

Upon launch, administrators will be provided with a dashboard displaying their leave, any pending leave requests and a list of all employees with their leave entitlements. Basic users that have access to request leave through the system will be shown their leave entitlements on the Dashboard.

Leave Dashboard

Leave Calendar

Leave types are visualised and managed on a company calendar. This the same dynamic location where employees can request leave, approvers can approve or decline leave requests, and administrators can request leave on behalf of any employee.

Leave Calendar

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Creating a leave request

Both employees and administrators can book leave from the Leave Calendar. Employees will be able to request leave for themselves whilst administrators can book leave on behalf of other employees.

Creating a Leave Request

Leave Approval Screen

Approvers can also approve or deny leave requests from this approval list which displays all leave requests relevant to them.

Leave Approval Screen

Creating Leave Types

Leave types can be created as needed, the regular types of leave can be set with as many hours as required and there is also the option to create custom leave types.

Creating leave types

Editing Leave Types

There may be instances where some employees would require a different amount of leave, for this WorkForce Leave allows administrators to provide custom leave entitlements to employees.

Custom Leave

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Setting Stop Leave

This system allows administrators to easily create Stop Leave. This can be set per team or can also be company wide.

Stop Leave

End of Year Process

In order to close off the leave year, administrators are provided with the options of carrying forward and/or sending any remaining hours to the Payroll module.

End Of Year Process

Reporting and Analytics

This module contains reporting that can be set and extracted easily. The Leave Insights also provide management with relevant data about their employees.

Leave Reporting

Leave Insights