DataByte WorkForce – Cloud-based HR suite Screenshots

View screenshots for the product modules of WorkForce:
Payroll | Leave Management | Time & Attendance

Log in Page

After registering for a WorkForce account or being invited to access WorkForce, you will need to confirm your registration (via email) and that will allow you to log in to WorkForce.

WorkForce Login Screen

System Dashboard

After logging in, you will be presented with the main pages for WorkForce and the software modules. Items that appear on the Dashboard and within the software modules will vary depending on the access roles provided to your user account by your WorkForce Administrator.

WorkForce Dashboard

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Employee Portal

Any user account that is linked with an employee entry will have access to the WorkForce Employee Portal. Learn more about the Employee Portal.

WorkForce Employee Portal

Working Schedule (Settings)

This tab within the Settings section shows the Working Schedule. This can be set and used in order for WorkForce to know how whether the employee works flexible hours and public holiday, as well as  how many daily hours your employees should be working per week. There is an option to set Bulk Schedule Updates on the top right. Within WorkForce administrator may set a Working Schedule per employee from the Manage Employees section.

Working Schedule

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Manage Employees

The Manage Employees section provides a bird’s eye view of all of your active and terminated employees together with:

  • The modules that employees are linked to
  • The Team that they are part of
  • Their employee number
  • Whether their employee entry is linked to a user.

Furthermore, Administrators can search for, update, invite or add employees from this section.

Manage Employees

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Editing Employee Data

When adding a new employee, administrators can start by unlinking employees from any software modules which are irrelevant to them. Based on the selection made, the tabs on the left-hand side will change dynamically. Next, the system requires any fields highlighted in yellow to be filled in on all tabs, and the final step would be to click ‘Save’ button. After that poiint, WorkForce will validate all of the data inserted and in the case that there are any issues, the fields in question will be highlighted in red and an error will be displayed with each field. The fields highlighted in red will need to be adjusted and then saved. Once an employee is successfully saved, a notice will appear at the top of the page.

Update and edit employee details

Manage Departments

Departments and teams can be inserted into the system from this page, both employees and supervisors can be set within each team.

Manage Departments

Licence Calendar

This page provides a view of all licences owned by a company using WorkForce. There is also the functionality to purchase licences through the system by clicking on any of the titles for each month or the white space beneath. Clicking on any licences will allow for administers to edit and update software licences.

WorkForce Licencing

Adding New Licences

Clicking on the white space available within a box for any month will display this popup where a date selection can be made and a number of licences can be added into the fields for each software module. After clicking ‘Create Licence’, administrators will be presented with the price of the licences, they can be purchased by clicking ‘checkout’.

Adding licences

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Reporting System

A reporting section is included within WorkForce and allows for reports to be generated from any module that a user has access to. Reporting is also available within each software module.

Generating reports

Audit Log

WorkForce records any updates made by any user within the system or the modules, this allows for full accountability for any user.

Audit log