GPS Time Tracking with WorkForce Timekeeper

Why GPS time tracking?  With remote working arrangements becoming an ever more popular choice, keeping an eye on the attendance of your workforce, can be tricky. Using a GPS Time Trakcing system like WorkForce TimeKeeper saves you time and money.

WorkForce Employee App for TimeKeeper

This elegant feature allows for any worker to be able to login to WorkForce with a mobile phone or tablet, and punch in for work from any location where an internet connection is available. This feature is not only useful for remote workers, but can be used for any employees who start their day in a remote location from their office where a punch clock is not available.

Remote GPS Clocking also works with the WorkForce Employee App, which allows for employees to create clocking with even more ease.

This feature forms part of WorkForce Timekeeper, the time and attendance system available within the DataByte WorkForce Cloud HR Suite that was designed from the ground up to allow for HR teams to be more flexible, agile and efficient.

The benefits or Remote GPS Clockings together with WorkForce Timekeeper have already increased the productivity and efficiency of hundreds of companies in Malta and Gozo. If you want your company to benefit from these features, get in touch with us today.