DataByte Support

Requesting Support

Requesting support from DataByte is simple and easy.  All you need to do is Request_supportfollow the link hereunder and send us your request so that it will be entered into our support system. You will receive an automated reply from the system and our support staff will be notified immediately. This system is faster and more effective than phoning for support!  Click here to send us your request!

 Connect Remotely – Support Disclaimer

  1. DataByte Ltd provides you with comprehensive support for a variety of situations; however we can only point you in the right direction towards a solution, based on the correctness of the information you give us during problem diagnosis.
  2. Accepting this connection is by default authorising all officers employed by our company as well as the company in terms of the Data Protection legislation as indicated in Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta and any subsidiary legislation thereon.
  3. DataByte is in no circumstances liable for any ‘Data Loss’ and/or ‘Hardware/Software Damage’ caused during or after this Remote Support Session.
  4. Following this Remote Support Session and depending on your service agreement with DataByte Ltd. you may incur support charges accordingly.
  5. May we also remind you that our normal office hours are Monday to Friday from 08.30 till 17.00 excluding Public Holidays. Out of office hours support may incur extra charges.
  6. By clicking the ‘Request Remote Support Session’ button on this form it is implied that you have read and accepted the above conditions.

WARNING! Please be advised that by giving us remote access remote_supportto your PC, we will be in a position to view all your currently open windows. We strongly suggest that you close any confidential windows before connecting. DataByte Ltd. together with the engineer supporting you will take no responsibility whatsoever of any confidential data that may be available during support.